Bob & Sheri

Monday - Friday | 6 AM - 10 AM
Best Of Show Saturday | 10 am - 3 pm

Bob Lacey and Sheri Lynch keep you entertained with unique take on current events and pop culture to you each day. The pair create new content every weekday weaving their personal experiences into the show, sharing everything: The good, the bad, and the funny, with their listeners.

Haystack's All Play Work Day

Monday - Friday | 10 AM - 3 PM

Haystack’s pulling double-duty. He’s been doing country radio for years in the afternoon, and now he’s bringing his fun to your workday too! After being the premiere nightclub DJ in Fayetteville for years, he’s a fan of and comfortable with a huge variety of music. Don’t miss when he closes his show with a unique cover or mashup most days!


Monday - Friday | 3 PM - 7 PM

Kramer is known for his high energy, enthusiastic, fun loving, interactive and music based radio show. He’s excited to finally back on the air in NWA! His wife and kids are happy that somebody else gets to hear all of his stories too 🙂


On with Mario Lopez

Monday - Friday | 7 PM - 11 PM

Mario Lopez’s nationally syndicated radio show brings you interviews with the hottest celebrities & artists, the latest Hollywood Buzz, and more fun!

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